DIY Replacing Screen on Your Screen Door

AceScreenDoorWhen it comes to screen doors, children and pets usually aren’t too friendly. Currently, there is a huge hole in my screen door, all thanks to my puppy. She created her own doggy door, if you will. Thankfully, this can be fixed without professional help. This blog will be a DIY Replacing Screen on Your Screen Door. Let’s get started!

What You Will Need:

Replacement Screen (about 6 inches longer than width)

Replacement Spline

Screen & Spline Tool

Utility Knife

Step By Step:

Step 1: You will need to remove the Screen Door Frame and place on a flat surface.

Step 2: Remove old Spline from the screen door. (This is the black material within the creases of the door)

Step 3: Remove old and/or damaged Screen. (After Spline is removed, the Screen should come out smoothly.)

Step 4: Lay new Screen material over the door frame and allow up to 6 inches of width to be longer than needed.

Step 5: After centering the Screen, pull taut and use Spline and Spline tool to begin inserting new Spine in the crease of the door. (Start and the top and work your way around)

Note: Ensure that the material stays taut and smooth, or creases will be visible when finished.

Step 6: Use utility knife or small blade to trim the leftover material from door frame.

Step 7: Install door frame and enjoy your NEW Screen Door!!

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