Garage Of Terror!

Garage Of Terror

Ghosts…Goblins…Ghouls…Oh My! This time of year, people of all ages can enjoy the thrill of the unknown, the tingling sensation that runs down their spine, and the natural high from a fight or flight response. Transform your garage into a garage of terror with these chilling tips. Just make sure it’s appropriate for all ages.

#1: Know Your Audience

Before planning your garage of terror, get to know your audience. If your neighborhood typically sees young Halloween revelers, and your fright night plans are open to all ages, then you may want to consider scaling back on the terror just a tad. Consider providing the little ones with glow lights and avoid jumping out at them – save that for the adults.

#2: Sketch Your Plans

Many haunted houses are set up in a maze design: there’s one entrance and one exit. In between the exits are twists, turns, and dead-ends to throw visitors off course. This is just part of a haunted house’s appeal. Take advantage of any blind corners your garage of terror provides for the placement of ghosts and monsters.

#3: Make Room for Visitors

First, and foremost, it’s important to tidy up the garage; keeping the safety of others at the forefront of your mind. Put away or move dangerous tools and chemicals. Use black sheets to conceal larger items. Tape down any cords or wires that may pose a tripping hazard. Secure anything that could easily tip over – little kids love to climb.

#4: Add Scary Effects

What scares you the most? Use your creativity to arrange props such as vampires, madmen, zombies, pirates, gravestones, ghosts, and spider webs (lots of them) in the garage and yard. Dry ice or fog machines add scary ambiance to your garage. Nothing’s more frightening than sound effects and thrilling music.

#5: Light Up Your Yard

The right lighting can make or break any garage of terror. Place lights low to the ground, and aim them slightly upward, to create creepy shadows. Dark blue lights, not black, conjure mystical creatures. Fire – fake of course – creates spooky ambiance. Couple props and string lights from the branches of your trees for a haunting good time.

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