A New Garage Door Is A Friend Indeed.

After Carport PicNew garage doors can bring many benefits to the homeowners from curb appeal to security. In the past, garages were used as covered driveways but that is outdated. Today, garage doors are used as the main entrance to homes and have even become unique man caves. So, do you currently have an old or broken garage door? Let’s find out why you should give Dynamic Door Service for a quote.

Curb Appeal – The fact is that houses that have garage doors have a greater curb appeal compared to homes without one. Although having damaged, outdated, and/or broken garage doors will not help. We offer the highest quality garage doors from well-known brands to help choose the perfect garage door for your home.

Value of Home – When garage doors are up to date and well maintained the garage doors ultimately help to boost the value of any home. This occurs because there is an increase in the longevity and function of how the home works and looks. When selling a home with a garage door, it tends to be easier because of the greater curb appeal.

Security – Garage doors have evolved since they were first invented. Nowadays, the garage door is the primary way of entering and exiting the home. For this reason, many new security features have been included to prevent anyone without permission from entering the home through the garage. Today many garage doors remote/keypad that can be used for to open and close the garage door, as well as providing a secure code to entry the garage.

Cooling and heating expenses – Many older garage doors have poor to no insulation. This means that the weather outside can significantly affect the temperature of the garage from the inside. This type of insulation problem can cost the owner hundreds of dollars every year because during the summer when the A/C is running, it will work harder to keep the garage cooler when the outside hotter temperatures are leaking through. We offer new garage doors and can properly install insulation to prevent a leaky garage door.

Insurance benefits – New garage doors helps to benefit with your home insurance company because it improves the safety of your home. As with any new home improvement, it is important to update your home insurance policy in order to receive benefits.

Dynamic Door Service Today is here with all your garage door needs. We offer selections of beautiful garage doors and provide garage door repairs. Have questions; please call us at (602) 335-1077 or Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment with us!

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