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Steel Backed Garage Doors in Phoenix, Az

The three main types of steel backed garage doors we at Dynamic Door Service carry are that of the single layer steel exterior, the single layer steel exterior with vinyl-coated polystyrene and the single layer steel exterior with vinyl-coated polystyrene insulation along with steel interior.

What is Polystyrene Insulation?

Polystyrene insulation is among one of the most popular materials used in the production of steel backed garage doors due, in large part, to its exceptional ability to insulate against noise and triple digit temperatures.

Just what every homeowner needs in Arizona, right? Polystyrene insulation provides many other qualities as well including outstanding impact absorption and excellent insulation values (anywhere between R-6 and R-10).

Customize Your New Door

Don't settle for just any steel garage door when a steel backed garage door is within reach! All of the doors contained within our portfolio can be customized to fit your exact design, color, size and insulation value specifications. To further compliment your new garage door, you can also select to add a stunning window design

Getting Started

Unlike many of life's necessities, it isn't every day that you find yourself shopping for a new garage door, which is why you may quickly find the entire process rather stressful - especially when you notice just how many garage doors are on the market today.

That is why we at Dynamic Door Service are pleased to provide all of our customers - even those just browsing – with expert advice and support along the way. For more information on the products and services we offer please call 602-335-1077.

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