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Twenty Bucks Can Get You A Garage Door Makeover Worth Every Penny!

There are many things that you can get into this weekend and we found one way to get your garage door looking brand new again. In Phoenix, the scorching weather during the summer months can damage anything in the Sun’s path, one being your garage door. As we were taught in grade school, the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. This means that any structure that faces one of these two directions will be subdued to many hours of blistering sunrays. If any garage door is facing East or West, it can become sun damaged which causes the paint to fade and crack. This is a popular garage door issue in Phoenix, but what should you do to get your garage door looking fresh and new again?

Maryann, a DIY Blogger, found a simple and inexpensive way to solve this problem and her results were great for under $20! Her garage door went from sun damaged to a fresh wood-like gel paint finish and it only took under 3 hours to finish! You can get similar results, all you need are a couple of simple synthetic brushes and your choice of a gel stain made for the type of material your garage door is made of. Maryann used a gel stain that is suitable for multiple surfaces such as, wood, veneer, fiberglass, and more.

As for the labor, from the looks of it, the hardest work of this DIY Project will be spent on cleaning and removing any peeling paint and/or rust. If you have a metal (steel) garage door, it is important to first prime the garage door before adding paint/stain to help prevent future rusting. Maryann was able to use a power washer and does recommend a good scrub with vinegar and a sponge, if you do not have own one. You can also use sand paper, as well, although this may require more time. In this case, partner up and have a friend’s assistance in speeding up the process.

With the monsoon season simmering down this week, the weekend is the perfect time to get your garage door looking new again. There are many ways to give your garage door an update and this one is quick, easy, and reasonably priced. Learn how to Makeover Your Garage Door by visiting Maryann’s blog post, DIY Garage Door Makeover with Stain.

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