What Garage Door Parts Should You Know As A Homeowner?

BellySnapTomorrow is the first day of summer, which means we can expect the temperatures to increase as the days get longer. If you have not already had any maintenance performed on your garage door whether performed by a professional garage door repair company or yourself, now would be the “better” time to add it to your busy schedule.  Don’t wait until it gets too hot, as the heat will make checking your garage door opener, springs, and any other part, very uncomfortable.

It is also important to understand that your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. This means that within a garage door, there are many other parts that range in different sizes and each piece requires attention from the homeowner and a professional garage door company, every few months or as needed.

Over time, normal wear and tear occurs, as a result of using the garage door daily. Garage door parts, such as the garage door, springs, cables, and tracks, can begin to function differently or in worst case scenarios, not at all if dirty, obstructed, or damaged. Most of these issues can be fixed by replacing the piece with a new part. Although, the difficulty of the repair will depend on the particular garage door part that is in need of fixing/replacing. For example, broken springs should only be handled by the professionals! Below is a list of garage door parts that you should be able point out:

  1. Weather Seal
  2. Springs
  3. Tracks
  4. Garage Door Remote
  5. Garage Door Opener
  6. Cables

Dynamic Door Service TodaySo before it gets any hotter, go to your garage and take a look at your garage door parts. Familiarize yourself with the name of each part and take notes of their current conditions. If you notice the weather seal looks dry and cracked then simply replace it with new weather seal strips, which can be purchased at your local hardware department store. If you notice any other major damages, give the professional garage door repair company a call and have your garage door serviced. Otherwise, every now and then, take a peek at all the parts and again, take notes on the “current” conditions. If any repairs need to happen, fix and replace parts, as needed.

If there is ever a problem that is out of your hands, call the experts in Garage Door Repairs in Phoenix. We provide 24 hour service, have fully stocked service vehicles, and have technicians that are factory trained. Give Dynamic Door Service Today a call for ALL of your garage door needs at (602) 335-1077.

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