Carport Conversions: The Benefits

carport conversions

The benefits of having a garage are numerous. Living in Arizona, I’m sure you already know what a pain it is to step out of your house on a 110+ degree day, just to go start your car. After running the engine for a minimum of five minutes, the car is usually cool enough for you to stomach getting into, let alone driving to your destination.

Unfortunately for many Arizonians, this is their reality, as homes in older more established communities typically favor carports rather than enclosed garages.

The benefits of having a garage, which you can have by means of a quality carport conversion service, far outweigh the initial investment – which is less than you’d think. Not to mention the fact that enclosed garages appeal to a much larger buyer pool (should the time ever come for you to sell).

The Benefits of Carport Conversions

The Storage Potential

Unlike an open carport, a garage opens up an enormous amount of additional living space, perfect for storing everything from tools and lawn equipment to sports equipment and annual holiday decorations. All of which are safe under lock and key (aka garage door remote). When you run out of floor space, make sure to look up, for more storage space.

The Property Value

Converting your carport into a garage is a reasonably good investment according to remodeling magazine’s 2015 “Cost vs. Value Report.” If you invest $52,382, which is the national average, on this addition you can expect to recoup 64.8 percent or $33,938 of your investment at resale – or refinance. Not too shabby, right?

The Potential

Who said a garage had to be boring? The inside of your garage is like a blank canvas. Just think of the possibilities. Many have further converted their carports into their workshops, home gym, daycare, man cave, mechanics paradise and so much more. And, of course, there’s its main purpose: protecting your car from sun, wind and rain damage.

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